November 3, 2009

Campaign Engine 3.0

Building on the big changes we made last year with Campaign Engine 2.0, we're now announcing Campaign Engine 3.0, available to our clients immediately. While our changes in 2.0 were wide-ranging, covering over 40 new features, our strategy with 3.0 has been to concentrate on fewer areas that required more depth.

The three main new features are:

Contact Manager. Keep notes on your staff's interactions with supporters. Keep track of phone calls, meetings, emails, or any other event, right in a user's record, along with who on your staff made the contact and their comments. A simple way of adding offline contacts to the automatic record of your supporters' actions on the web site.

Report Generator. Create PDF reports from any supporter records, such as Contribution Histories or Call Sheets. Additionally, we can implement complex custom reports for you with the data you choose.

Site-Wide Asset Manager. The same asset manager is now available throughout Campaign Engine, in email broadcasts or on any event, form, or other page. You can upload images and files directly within the asset manager, include them in your messages or on any page, and then reuse them again in the future.

We've also added enhancements like faster email queue processing, email HTML code that is more compatible with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, an enhanced search list view, and more.

As always, we don't add a feature just to check a box on a feature list. We work hard to make even the most advanced function easy to use for our clients, and I think our implementations of the above components meet our high standard.

We encourage you to see Campaign Engine in action by signing up for a free demo.

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